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== Rules and Regulations ==


This cpffeed webboard has been created in order for our precious customers to communicate and comment creatively. Then, we would like to ask for your cooperation in using according to our rules and regulations, which are;

1. Every comment should show respects to our Nation, Religion, and King.

2. Please do not use any of impolite, instigated, insulting, or scandalous words towards any persons, departments and organizations.

3. Please do not post any of text, pictures or contents that are inappropriate, illegal, or immoral.

4. Please do not write any intended text to assault, slander, defame, or discredit other persons.

5. Please do not post any induced text that would be the cause of conflict or separation.

6. On behalf of cpffeed Editor, we reserve the right to delete any inappropriate comments without any explanation.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation and support in making this webboard to be a useful and creative social media of CPF customers.


Sincerely yours,

Editorial Department


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  Remark : To enter the chat room, some parts of the
content will be reserved for member only.
Visitor will not be able to enter every chat
room due to some reserved information.


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